Wild Life

Nokrek National Park

nokrekLocation: West Garo Hills District

The Nokrek National Park and Biosphere Reserve is about 45 kms from Tura. Nokrek is the highest peak in Garo Hills and home to different species of wild animals including Elephants and Hoolock Gibbons. The Nokrek National Park has been established at Nokrek and it abounds in various wildlife including herds of wild elephants, rare varieties of birds and pheasants, beside rare orchids. The park is also home to a very rare species of citrus-indica endemic to this place which the locals call memang narang ('orange of the spirits'). Nokrek is also believed to be the home of Mande Burung (jungle man or ape man) and reported cases of sightings abound in and around the villages of Nokrek.


Selbagre Hoolock Gibbon Reserve

Location: West Garo Hills District

This small area protected by the community is home to the Hoolock Gibbons, the only ape species found in India. The sacred grove in the reserve is the pride of the village and the community. The Garos never kill or hunt the Hoolock Gibbon as it is a traditional belief among them that if a Hoolock Gibbon is killed, a famine or a curse would befall the entire village.

Balpakram National Park

balpakramLocation: South Garo Hills District

It is a national wild life park, about 167 kms from Tura. It is home to one of the rarest animals in the world - the Lesser Panda or the Red Panda as it is commonly known.

Balpakram (a place of perpetual winds) covering an area of about 220 sq km with a variety of wildlife including tigers, elephants, bison, black bear, leopards, sambar deer, situated near Baghmara in south Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. The western part of the park adjoins with Siju bird sanctuary along the banks of Simsang river.

Baghmara Reserve Forest


Location: South Garo Hills District

At a distance of about 4 kilometers from the main town of Baghmara, this thick forest is inhabited by langurs, birds of different species, elephants, etc. Many tourists have reported sighting herds of elephants as they travel from Baghmara to Balpakram National Park via Baghmara Reserve Forest.

Siju Bird Sanctuary


Location: South Garo Hills District

Close by on the other side of Simsang River is the Siju bird sanctuary, a home for many rare and protected birds and other wildlife. The Siberian ducks also migrated here during the winter months. The lesser or Grey Hornbill is also seen around Siju. One interesting and rare bird is the Peacock Pheasant seen in Siju.

Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary


Location: Ri Bhoi District

The Nongkhyllem Sanctuary near Nongpoh is also a good place for bird watching. The best time for bird watching is March/April during the nesting season.

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