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For tourists seeking adventure - trekking, camping, caving, rock climbing, water sports can be organised with advice from the tourism department, guides and tour operators.

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david scott trailMeghalaya provides the best nature trek through rain forests to the river front at the bottom of the valley, to living root bridges which are exclusive to Meghalaya in the entire world. The dry months from November to February throw open abundant trekking, camping and caving opportunities for the adventurous. The trekking opportunity in Meghalaya is outstanding for the fact that, the terrain is very challenging. You can hire guides to walk through the terrains of Meghalaya.

Some of the best Trekking Routes: Living Root Bridge, Kyllang Rock, David Scott Trail, Sohpet-bneng

One of the most popular trekking routes is the old mule track marked by David Scott, traditionally used by people to travel from Mawphlang to present day Bangladesh.

This entire picturesque route extends to a five days trek or can be divided into shorter treks, the most common being from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang, a one day trek (16 km).

This four hour walk takes you past clear streams, by waterfalls over rushing rivers, through meadows, jungles, valleys and also through a Khasi village on a hilltop.

Another interesting trek is from Cherrapunjee to Pynursula or Krang to Pynursula. This trek is hard as one has to walk deep into the valleys before climbing up to Pynursula. There are many Living Root bridges on this trek and the experience of life in the deep valleys, with no access to modern amenities is unforgettable. This trek can be undertaken with the help of guides or tour operators.

kyllang rockAnother popular destination for trekking and rock climbing is the Kyllang rock at Mairang. the sub-divisional head-quarter, 12 kms from which, lies the imposing Kyllang rock. A massive dome shape of single rock of granite, rising to an elevation of about 5400 ft above sea level, it measures 1,000 fts. across in diameter. Kyllang rock lies 78 km from Shillong

According to geologists, this rock is about several million years old. The rock can be accessed from the northern and eastern flanks. The southern flank is inaccessible because of its slope exceeds 800 over an incline of about six hundred feet.

It is believed that the rock possesses a sort of magnetic field, so no one will fall from the slope. Enormous detached blocks of rock features the southern side and dense forests in the northern side. The forest is thickly populated with age-old red Rhododendron trees and oaks along with white Rhododendron trees, which are not found elsewhere.

The southern side of Kyllang Rock is encumbered with enormous detached blocks of rock, while its northern side is clothed with dense forests, containing age-old red Rhododendron trees and oaks besides bushy, white Rhododendron trees.

A beautiful memorial in the honour of U Tirot is constructed here in Mairang to commemorate his great feats.

mawthadraishanMawthadraishan in West Khasi Hills is a range of low hills which are ideal for easy treks through rolling hills. Mawthadraishan peak which takes an hour and a half to reach from the main road, is located on the northern side of Nongstoin - Shillong road, near Nongshillong, Mawroh and Markasa villages. On top of the range, there is a depression with about 7 to 8 fish ponds of considerable size. The apex of the peak offers a panoramic view of the plains of Assam, and the distant Himalayas after the monsoon, on clear days. The districts of Garo Hills, Khasi Hills and part of Bangladesh come within the Panoramic horizons of Mawthadraishan peak.

Jaintia hills offers a trek from Nartiang (Summer Capital of the erstwhile Jaintia Kings), to the plains of Bangladesh. This is a historical trek relating to the history of the Jaintia Kingdom.

Trekking from Tura to the Nokrek peak is an arduous task but worth the effort if one has the stamina. For people inclined to exert less effort the trek can be reversed by taking a drive to the Nokrek Peak. This trek involves crossing through some virgin tropical forests and wading through mountain streams. While trekking in Garo Hills there is always a likelihood of seeing or hearing wild elephants.

One of the most attractive spots in Garo hills is Siju. Making a base here one can trek towards the Balpakram National Park to a village called Rongsu (14 km), which can be expanded into a longer trek to include the Balpakram National Park.

Balpakram national parkThe Balpakram national park offers a wide variety of treks particularly ideal for wildlife treks. For these treks the assistance and advice from the Forest Department officials is necessary. A trek through this tropical forest is an an unforgetable experience. Langurs, Hornbills and and other birds are quite easily spotted and sometimes the elusive sambar can be seen.

Water Sports

The water sports complex at Umiam provides sailing, water skiing, angling and canoeing.

umiam Skiing Rs 200 Per Head -5 Minutes Ride
Yachting Rs 100 Per Head - 1 Hour Ride - (Capacity 2)
River Bus Rs 50 Per Head - 20 Minutes Ride (Capacity 30 + 2) Minimum 10 Person
High Speed Boat Rs 75 Per Head - 5 Minutes Ride (Capacity 14 + 1) Minimum 10 Person
Speed Boat Rs 150 Per Ride of 5 Minutes - (Capacity 4+1)
Cruising Boat Rs 20 Per Head -10 Minutes Ride (Capacity 12 + 1) Minimum 5 Person
Scooter Rs 50 Per Head - 5 Minutes Ride - (Capacity 1+1)
Pedal Boat/Canoe/Kayak Rs 20 Per Head - 30 Minutes Ride - (Capacity 4)


khasi archeryA popular local sport is Archery where teams compete to hit a cylindrical straw target mounted on a bamboo pole. Archery is also a popular form of gambling where the bets are made on the number of arrows hitting the target. Archery game is usually held on the eighth day, being the last market day of the week in rural areas. Competitions are also organized, prominent being the inter-Hima contest between the traditional administrative Khasi states, held on every 4th April, organized by the Apphira Archery Committee at the Polo grounds Shillong.

A daily commercial archery of betting on the last two digits that hit the target is held in Shillong, the tickets being sold in stalls and around the city.

Go Golfing

golf shillongThe site on the Shiilong Golf Course is located provides a scenic view, Developed in 1898, as a 9 Holes Course, it was later converted to 18 Holes in 1924 by Capt. Jackson and C.K Rhodes - both did a remarkable job in preserving its natural beauty and carved out the course amongst pine trees on agently undulating land. It is the third oldest Golf Course in India and was first surveyed in 1933.

General information about the Golf Course:

Year of foundation: 1898 - 9 Holes, 1924 - 18 Holes Course.
Altitude: 1,496 metres from the sea level.
Open: Round the year
No. of holes: 18
Distance Ladies: 5,321
Distance Gentlemen: 5,873
Par: 70

River Canyoning

sohraRiver Canyoning at Sohra is an adventure activity which is more demanding than treks. It involves following the river course. We have different sections of River Canyoning of varied challenge levels. One needs to be physically fit to clamber up huge rocks, hop from boulder to boulder, jump across rapids, swim and scramble down steep slopes. There are swim free stretches also. Our experienced guides will help you in tackling these challenges. Ideal time for River Canyoning is from November to February.

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