There is no dearth of local talent and the people here are really passionate about their music. Come Saturday evening and the crowds are ready to dance the night away to music being pelted out by some local band or popular DJ at the Tango, Cloud 9 or Platinum. Nightlife in Shillong is restricted to bars attached to hotels which are luckily, the best places for a good drink and entertainment.

Places for a good entertainment in Shillong

  • Cloud 9: Hotel Centre Point, Police Bazar
  • Tango: OB Shopping Mall, Police Bazar
  • Platinum: Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds

Places for a good drink in Shillong

  • Piccadilly: Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds
  • Roof Top Lounge Bar: Hotel Centre Point, Police Bazar
  • Hotel Pegasus Crown Bar: Police Bazar
  • Hotel Alpine Continental Bar: Police Bazar
  • Hotel Pinewood Bar: Rita Road
  • Fusion Bar: Laitumkhrah
  • Astoria Bar: Micasa Hotel, Police Bazar
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